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Gift baskets
At our gift department, you can easily choose a pre-made, beautifully wrapped gift or order a new one according to your special wishes, from a small but exquisite token of attention to an enormous gift basket with or without drinks, with savoury snacks or sweet confectionery. A gift basket, filled with exclusive delicacies, will be the perfect solution for any situation where a gift is necessary.

Our shop assistants will help you compose a gift according to the topic of the expected event, while our designers will create a stylish and original wrapping. Gift baskets for little surprises or major anniversaries, for children or adults, relatives or acquaintances, family or business partners – we will find the best gift for everyone!

We accept orders of gift baskets by phone or fax.
Phone number: 67019619.

It is impossible to describe the entire spectrum of flavours and services that we can offer. Call us, visit us, and we will be at your service – we will explain, show, serve and sell. It is definitely worth investing a little bit of time to endow yourself with a gastronomic delight, as it will pay off by giving you a great mood and the inspiration for a new day!