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seafood restaurant
Seafood and the high art of cooking

In grill bar Gastronome on Krasta street, with a courteous advice from our assistant and chef, you can choose a fresh fish or any sea product right from the showcase of gourmet market or even a lobster from an aquarium. Our cooks will prepare your fish on a grill right in a front of your eyes and for pleasant prices of grill bar.

You are welcome to participate in any of our theme suppers, oyster and wine evenings, as well as any other special events that we tend to carry out on a regular basis. The summer terrace, available at our Krasta street grill bar during the summer season from May till September, is another special treat for our customers. With your busy schedule in mind, we also accept orders in advance.

You will always be a welcome guest in the Gastronome grill bar!

For additional information, please call (+371) 67019619