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Household and built-in appliances
The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any dwelling, no matter what number and size of rooms it has. In the kitchen, there is no room for superfluous furniture and unwieldy equipment. If you want to create a kitchen where everything is at hand, looks neat and functions flawlessly, have a look at the selection of appliances offered by our partners Virtuves pasauleab virtuves and De Haus.

The latest technological achievements, formidable quality in every detail, noble materials and perfect designs are the ground values of contemporary kitchen equipment. These values are guaranteed by the Europe’s best producers, and the experts at „Virtuves pasaule”  and „ab virtuves” will answer all your possible questions related to selection, setting and installation of kitchen appliances.

A trendy feature of today’s kitchen design is the “kitchen without handles”. Another elegant design solution is a block of cupboards integrated into the wall, with glass doors and synchronised multi-colour lighting. The followers of classic style will be impressed by kitchen appliances built into genuine hardwood, while a pleasant surprise for the comfort „gourmets” will be a chair that transforms into a comfortable lounger with the move of a hand.

For additional information, please call or write to our consultants: 67019643 or decorum@mc2.lv.