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The astonishing abundance of colours and ornaments and the wide range of functional applications are the values that define mosaic as one of the most exclusive home finishing materials. Along with its traditional applications (floors, walls, bathtubs and swimming pools), mosaic is nowadays a common feature of tabletops, sinks, mirrors, shelves, vases and other interior elements.

Mosaic can be used for covering oblique, curved or fractured surfaces, as well as creating rounded shapes. Glass and ceramic mosaics are lighter and therefore more suitable for the finish of walls, niches, columns and other, mostly non-horizontal, surfaces, while stone and marble mosaics will be an excellent choice for decorating floors and other frequently used surfaces.

Original ceramic mosaics are likely to be found in the collection of Appiani, while outstanding examples of aristocratic marble mosaics can be expected from the offer of Stilarte. Fabulously beautiful glass mosaics can be chosen from collections of our partner Mosaico+. Interesting offers are represented in MidasBisazza and Akros Le Acqueforti offers. But if you wish to enjoy the Byzantine or Ravenna mosaic traditions in glass, marble and gold, then look for Classe Mosaici.

For additional information, please call or write to our consultants: 67019639 or decorum@mc2.lv.