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Lustrous glassware, exquisite dishes and luxurious cutlery are the pride of every home. Porcelain coffee and tea sets from the German brand KPM were favoured by Jacob, the Duke of Courland, and the Imperial family at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, and these beautiful items are still adorning tables in numerous royal residences. Every detail of these hand-decorated works of art exemplifies an unmatched mastery. However, if you are an admirer of the intricate elegance of the Japanese, give some attention to the classic tea sets by Noritake, whose porcelain has been praised by the world’s fanciest restaurants and hotels for being elaborately detailed and immaculately white.

Another brand, the value of which has been recognised by the global elite, is Haviland with its coffee and tea sets made from the famous Limoges porcelain – plates, vases and fruit bowls, as well as fine cups for enjoying tea or coffee, all encrusted with gold and platinum. Also worthy of being a part of the royal interior is the cutlery from the German brand Robbe&Berking. As examples of outstanding design, these sterling silver and silver-plated masterpieces truly belong to the modern art and are therefore favoured by the Kremlin in Moscow, at the Jordanian Royal Palace and in the homes of many global celebrities.

You should see also the crystal glasses, decanters, fruit bowls, plates and vases, etched and blown by the hands of the artisans at Atlantis Crystal. The taste of any drink will be highlighted by the quality of the famous Riedel glasses.

And you are welcome to visit the salon Crystal Boutique, which successfully represents the most outstanding French brands BaccaratChristofleLalique and Bernardaud more than 10 years. There exclusive manufactories always surprise with their interior and table accessories - French charm in every detail! Luxurious Baccarat and Lalique crystal tableware and glasses, accessories and chandeliers, as well as sophisticated Christofle silver cutlery and Bernardaud porcelain tableware will surprise every luxury lover.