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For outdoor
A unique blend of German technology and the work of Filipino craftsmen is what defines the quality of Dedon garden furniture. Thanks to the use of a special fibre, this wicker furniture is resistant to stains from tanning cream and oils. They do not fade in the sun and can withstand up to 20 degrees of frost. 
You will find classically romantic forged steel chairs and tables with original mosaic surfaces, contemporary glazed aluminium constructions, wicker chairs, rockers and sofas in the assortment of the German brand MBM. The offer also includes luxurious tents and awnings along with originally designed outdoor cooking ware and different kinds of heating and lighting equipment – fire pots, stoves, grills, petroleum lamps and gas lanterns. The Danish brand Cane-line produces tables and chairs that are practical, beautiful and durable, all at the same time. This water-resistant furniture can withstand very cold weather and its colours will not fade in the sunlight. For table top, you can choose a stone mosaic, wicker or wood finish. The chairs, in turn, are designed to be put on one another for easier storage.

Perfect solutions for comfortable recreation are sure to be found in the assortment of the Swiss brand Glatz. During summer, parasols of different sizes will protect you from the heat of the sun. These sunshades can be inserted into a portable base, dug into the ground or fastened to a vertical wall, and they are easy to fold and store. For more challenging weather conditions we have rain collectors, electric heaters, lighting bodies and other practical items.

For the devotees of classical elegance we can offer garden furniture from the Italian brand Promemoria, but to the supporters of classical values we recommend teak and mahogany tables, chairs, rockers and deckchairs as well as benches, counters and other furniture for your garden.