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A good bed is definitely one of the most important things in a home.Therefore, we are honoured to offer you the best beds in the world. In the wide assortment of the charming French brand Grange, you will find wooden beds that belong to the discreetly elegant 18th century style, beds with smoothly curved lines characteristic to the 17th century, as well as models of laconic design from the Napoleonic era.

An excellent choice for endowing the bedroom with a sophisticated and sensual atmosphere will be the beds of femininely elegant design, created by the world-famous Barbara Barry in collaboration with the largest U.S. furniture manufacturer Henredon. However, if you rather adhere to masculine modernism, flawless design and accurate handicraft, you will find your bed in the selection of the American furniture factory Hickory Chair.

The wide array of different beds presented by the Italian brand Cinova will delight both the supporters of modern trends and the followers of classic traditions. Also, do not forget to see the pristine lines and practical ideas by MisuraEmme: different folding headboards, bedside pockets for newspapers, mattress lift mechanisms and other comfort-enhancing features.