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The famous brand Grange from France offers an opportunity to construct your own wardrobe, designing its composition according to your personal requirements and selecting one of the 3 available styles – the classically reserved Directoire, the solidly masculine Louis-Philippe or the fashionably French-like Ateliers by Grange.

Wardrobes from the Italian brands are exceptionally easy to use, and the rigorous quality control system, practiced also in the production process of Novamobili, ensures a long life for these wardrobes. Even the most demanding customers will be pleased by the wardrobes from the environmentally responsible company MisuraEmme, characterised by an impressive variety of designs, flawless frame constructions and a wide array of decorative elements. If you desire a TV monitor built inside a sliding door of your wardrobe, Presotto offers to bring this idea and many other innovative technical solutions to life in the highest possible quality!

In the modern wardrobe, every item has its own place and each one of these details is intended to serve your comfort – hinged, sliding or folding doors, systems of shelves with different sizes and shapes, mirrors, lighting fixtures and other useful articles for your home that can be found in the collections of Promemoria.