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In order to turn every kitchen task into a pleasant entertainment, try some of the accessories offered by the German brand WMF and see how well these experts have been able to predict every nuance related to cooking and serving of food! The assortment of WMF includes top-notch pans and pots, steel knives and contemporary design cutlery. There is also a wide selection of whisks, ladles, foam spoons, graters, tea strainers, tools for opening the shells of nuts and oysters, and many other accessories. Seafood lovers will be very excited with the special tools for cleaning, cutting, baking, steaming and, ultimately, enjoying fish and other delights of the sea.

The British brand T&G Woodware offers you eco-friendly kitchenware made from marble, ceramics and wood. For your consideration, there is a wide array of dishes and containers for storing and serving food, as well as kitchen boards and spice grinders of different shapes and materials, along with many other items, handy for the kitchen. We must also not forget about the kitchenware from Sambonet, Woll, Kyocera, L'Atelier du Vin, KitchenAid, AMT Gastroguss, Emile Henry the outstanding quality of which has been widely recognised by professionals!