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Mixers an shower systems
If you wish to save natural resources and reduce your water consumption by up to 50%, look into the offer from Hansgrohe, one of Europe’s leading producers. The service life of the purchased bathroom equipment will be significantly extended by the technological innovations from Dornbracht, but if you wish to order custom equipment, you are welcome to use the individual designing opportunities offered by Cristal&Bronze!

For your convenience, our stores offer faucets with economy mode, oil indicators that prolong the product’s life, and safety mode that protects against scalding. For those who want to enjoy a comfortable shower that is not affected by dishwashing in the kitchen, we recommend showers and faucets with a thermostat that maintains a constant water temperature and pressure regardless of the use of hot water in other rooms.

Design aesthetes will be delighted by the luxurious faucets, decorated with nickel, wood, platinum, gold, diamonds and Swarovski crystals. Push button faucets are also available along with electronic and sensor faucets, as well as a wide assortment of handheld showers, combined shower systems and shower panels. Our partners: Jado, Volevatch, Nicolazzi, RitmonioIdeal Standard, Herbeau, Keuco, Samuel Heath, Jorger, Geberit, GustavsbergRitmonio, Bellosta.