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If you require bathroom ceramics (sink, toilet bowl, bidet, urinal) that function perfectly, provide excellent hygiene and are visually appealing, you should consider the solutions presented by the world’s best producers and enjoy the benefits of comfort to the fullest!

The aesthetically flawless design of ceramic ware from Duravit, Villeroy&Boch and Ideal Standard is protected by a special coating that does not allow for the build-up of water sediment and dirt. Furthermore, the Clean Technology system, developed by the Japanese brand Toto, will help you save money on detergents, consume less electricity and water, and reduce the number of airborne pollutant particles in your home environment, dissolving them the same way as a verdant tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

For your choice, we have wall-mounted, furniture-integrated and floor-mounted sanitary ware, including toilet bowls with heated lids that close automatically with the help of the Soft Closing system, as well as other luxuries presented by Ceramica GloboVitra.