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This floor covering, easy to maintain and suited for high loads, is available in a tremendous variety of colours and designs. Various types of linoleum can be used for interiors of different functions, from children’s rooms and living rooms to public interior spaces (schools, offices, hospitals, diners, warehouses, foyers, etc.) where you can choose linoleum with non-slippery or anti-static features.

Natural linoleum is an excellent choice for children and allergic people, as it is a 100% eco-friendly and warm flooring solution. The rest of the floor coverings, called linoleum, (office linoleum, home linoleum, etc.) are artificially created products divided into several categories and classes according to their wear resistance. For home interiors, linoleum of class 21 to 23 will suffice, while class 32 to 34 will be more appropriate for public interiors. Rooms with very intensive usage and work areas will, in turn, require a class 41 to 43 linoleum.

In the assortment offered by the internationally recognized manufacturers TarkettForbo and Decora  you will find a wide variety of visual designs – linoleum with multi-coloured and transparent pellets that add a 3D effect to the floor, imitations of different materials and patterns from the nature (stone, parquet, tiles, leather, textile, sand, lawn etc.), geometric shapes and patterns with optical effects as well as authentic designs created by artists.

For additional information, please call or write to our consultants: 67019639 or decorum@mc2.lv.