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Seafood festival at Gastronome on 22nd and 23rd of October
21 october 2016

Hundreds of different types of fish and seafood - lobsters, crabs, mussels, scallops, shark, swordfish.Fresh seafood from all over the world! Two days - varied tastings, master classes, as well as a variety of exciting activities.

Special offers, news and tastings at gourmet market Gastronome

October 22nd and 23rd - during the day:

Gastronome gourmet market offers an exceptionally wide and rich selection of fish and other sea products. During seafood festival we will explore more than 60 different types of fish and seafood!

Norwegian and Scottish salmon, tuna, sardines, Greenland halibut, sea bream and bass, swordfish, monkfish, parrot fish, mussels, mackerel, seabream, squid, arctic cod, marlin as well as a variety of freshwater fish and much more.

Assortment diversity and freshness is guaranteed by direct deliveries from producers which Gastronome receives twice a week from more than 15 countries, 3 oceans and countless seas from all over the world.

During the festival you will be delighted by our special shrimp offer from Mozambique, India, Tanzania, South America and the amazing set of shrimps from Indian Ocean.

Fish gastronomy - 14 different types of oysters and exclusive novelty - gold oyster Ostra Regal Gold mildly covered with gold dust.

For the occasion of the festival the fresh fish assortment has been expanded by addition of 8 exotic fish that come from the Indian Ocean – we will introduce to you the red drum, parrot fish, red sniper, tuna fish, Grupper, mullet, marlin, swordfish, mahi-mahi, and many other unique delicacies.

Seafood and culinary masterpieces offer – lobster in cognac sauce, rice noodles with mussels in coconut milk, quinoa with tiger prawns, oysters with cheese, Atlantic salmon tartare, stuffed squid with vegetables.

Also a fried sea bass, baked sea bream, parrot fish and sardines, smoked mussels, shrimps and eel.Grilled octopus and other sea delicacies.

All kinds of olives, as well as "RSeafood"products will have a festival price.

Dried fruits and nuts in chocolate - more than 10 different types - for special festival price.

News in Tea section – tea La Via Del, different tastings, Greek honey and special novelty from Italy - Café del Farro.

News from Chief confectioner - unseen pies, cakes, sweet and savory pastries. Specialy for Festival - salty eclairs with salmon and shrimp, patties with sprats, herring cake, strudel with tuna, cake with cherry and marzipan, pies with curd cheese and herbs and much more.

Sweets lovers will be delighted with the new delicacies from Venchi and La Perla di Torino, while tasting lovers will be able to try the Mackays sauce, "La Bonte di Casale" jam, together with"Bottega Wine Pinot Nero Trentino DOC" wine.

Exotic taste of Indian Ocean – dinner at Gastronome restaurant

October 22nd at19:00

Seafood festival culmination – dinner at Gastronome restaurant.

During the dinner you will be able to enjoy an exclusive - Golden Regal Ostra Gold oyster. They are grown in Ireland, Bannow bay based on French knowledge. Due to the weather conditions of this place, the bay has a big population of planktons which helps to grow this amazing Ostra Regal Gold oyster.They are unique because of their growth process. Oysters are constantly rubbing against each other, which makes them meatier. Flavor of this oyster is sweet and delicate.

Oyster shell is mildly covered with gold dust that enters the oysters inside.Exclusive oyster for special celebrations - such as the annual Gastronome seafood festival!

Dinner menu:

• Oyster covered with gold dust - Ostra Regal Gold

• Bigeye tuna, seabass, Argentine shrimp, mackerel, squid, arctic cod

• Senegal shrimp, red drum

• Dessert

Price 47.00 EUR

Phone number for bookings: + 371 671 520 80

Gastronome restaurant, Riga, Brivibas Street 31

Special seafood festival brunch at Gastronome grill bar.

On October 22nd and 23rd from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 13:30 to 16:00

You will be able to try a particularly rich and unique assortment of exquisite delicacies from the Indian Ocean focusing on Reunion Islands.For your pleasure - exotic dishes as well as naturals products, such as red drum carpaccio, bigeye tuna tartar, giant squid, oysters, mussels, shrimps and more.

Since Reunion Islands in Indian Ocean are the birthplace of vanilla, you will be able to taste some exquisite desserts with this well-known ingredient.

Phone number for reservation +371 67 019 619 or +371 67 019 634

Offer price is 21 EUR.Prices for children: under 5 years free, 5-10 years 7.50 EUR.

Gastronome Grill Bar, Riga, Krasta Street 68a.

Seafood festival A La Carte brunch Indian Ocean seduction

On October 21st, 22nd and 23rd from 12:00 to 16:00

We invite you to A La Carte seafood festival Saturday special brunch which will be filled with exotic notes of the Reunion Islands found in Indian Ocean!

This volcanic origin island is located in the Indian Ocean, about 700 kilometers from Madagascar and 200 kilometers from Mauritius.Reunion Islands cuisine is characterized by such spices like curry and turmeric and exotic seafood that will surprise every gourmand.

For your choosing there will be presented specially selected dishes prepared with delicacies and spices that come from this exotic region. We offer:

• UMAMI oysters

• Salad with pink shrimp, fresh mango, avocado, basil leaves and lemon

• Blue mussels in coconut milk with fennel, sesame oil and chili pepper

• Parrot fish with potato-truffle puree and blanched vegetables


• Small squids in white wine with spinach and roasted tomatoes

• BavaRua Chocolates - chocolate, coffee and vanilla

Dishes will be complement with the sparkling wine which you can enjoy without limit.

Seafood festival special price - 29 EUR.

Phone number for bookings: + 371 671 520 80

Gastronome restaurant, Riga, Brivibas Street 31

Gastronome restaurant and grill bar daily menu during Seafood Festival

Mix tartare and carpaccio made from marlin, parrot fish and swordfish 18.90

Mix grill platter-marlin fillet, parrot fish, swordfish, Indian shrimps 29.30

Marlin fillet with olive sauce 13.50

Mahi-mahi steak 27.00

Sniper steak 23.60

Parrot fish fillet with white wine sauce 18.00

Swordfish steak with olive sauce 21.00

Grilled Indian shrimps 26.00

You are welcome to our largest event of the year - Gastronome Seafood Festival!

Gastronome gourmet market and restaurant, Riga, Brivibas Street 31, phone number forinformation + 371 6 715 205 0

Gastronome delicacy marketand grill bar, Riga, Krasta Street 68a,phone number forinformation + 371 6 701 961 9