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Upholstery fabrics
Imagine an elegant armchair, upholstered with fabric of the same style and texture as your wall coverings, a stylish sofa, the fabric of which is designed to match the curtains, colourful ottomans that serve as cheerful interior accents or authentic fainting couches  with romantic flower overprints. Upholstered by a different kind of fabric, every piece of soft furniture can “live several lifetimes” and acquire a new, individual design.

For upholstery of soft furniture, we offer a variety of colours, styles and patterns from the collections of Europe’s best manufacturers. The available choices include fabrics from the experienced Spanish brand Sati, from Sanderson, the official supplier of the English royal family, from the exotically exquisite Robert Allen, the elegantly classical Fabricut and the artistically original Osborne & Little. Do your evaluations, make your selections and find inspiration for new design makeovers around your home, office, guesthouse, country house or in any other place!

For additional information, please call or write to our consultants: 67019639 or decorum@mc2.lv.