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Curtain fabrics
We offer the best fabrics from the most respectable European and American brands - both classic and conservative, fashionable and exotic. Choose  colors and designs to Your taste from world`s leading suppliers!

A modern style, design and color palettes from Fabricut will allow You to find the most suitable and acceptable fabrics for any apartment of Your choice, while a genuine abundance of colors combined with the textile articles of the highest quality -  await You in Robert Allen`s collections.

KT Exclusive presents You a truly brilliant and unique style masterpieces from salient silk and Japan laces, but translucent and heavy tilt curtain fabrics (linen, cotton, viscose, polyester, velvet) in nuanced soft or rich and bright tonal palette You will find in Texdecor collections.

The exclusive supplier of England`s Royal Palace - Sanderson offers You harmonically consentaneous collections of curtain, wall and furniture textile, inspired by Renaissance, antique tapestries and velvet. In turn, William Morris brand, founded by one of the most outstanding textile designer and artist of his epoch, - amazingly beautiful 19th century style fabrics, interpreted according to last fashion trends.

Stroheim`s delicate textile will please any lifestyle. The classical collections - striped, plaid, damasta, flowery, tapestries, brocaded and velvet - are updated every year to adjust designers` tastes and topical color trends. While vanguard S. Harris offers You a truly unique and rich fabrics for modern apartments.

Here You will find a wide range of draperies, silk, artificial silk, linen and padded fabrics in a modern or traditional style by Trend, curtains for a fashionable and dynamic atmosphere by CASADECO, as well as special curtain collections for children by Caselio. Choose the most suitable curtain fabrics from our represented manufacturers: Casamance (Camengo, Misia), Kohro, IFI, ZoffanyHarlequinSandersonMorris & CoScion and Anthology

For additional information, please call or write to our consultants: 67019639 or decorum@mc2.lv.